UpLevel Rewards Offers

The Easiest $750 Ever

Complete 25 deals with UpLevel to claim $750 to your CashApp, PayPal, or a gift card from your favorite brand.

The More Deals You Complete, The More You Can Win!

Their Level Up program allows you to work towards the reward of your choosing. The more deals you complete, the more you level up. Once you complete 25 deals, you reach level 5 which unlocks the maximum reward.

What Can You Expect?

You’ll begin with a short survey to help UpLevel understand which deals are a good fit for you.

Once you finish your first deal, you’ll move to level 2. Once you complete level 3, you’re eligible to cash out $100.

It only goes up from there!

How to Claim Your Reward

Once you complete your deals and start the claim process, they’ll verify your deals and you can then submit a claim ticket.

Within 72 hours, they will notify you on how to redeem your reward!